Kay Baptist Association
1924 E. Lake Road  ~  Ponca City, OK 74604  ~  580-767-1656

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Affiliated Churches

First Baptist Blackwell
1702 S. First
PO Box 388
Blackwell, OK  74631-0388
Ph: 580-363-2495
Pastor: Rev. Randy Ratliff
Music/Youth: (Open)
E-mail: fbc@fbcblackwell.org
Website: www.FBCBlackwell.org
Blackwell FBC

Immanuel Baptist Blackwell
1600 South 13th Street
, OK  74631
Pastor:  Rev. Matt Smith
Music: Barry Briggs
Students:  Sam Simmons
E-mail: ibc.billie@yahoo.com
Website: IbcBlackwell.com
Blackwell Immanuel

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel
1600 South 13th Street
Blackwell, OK  74631
Blackwell Hispanic

First Baptist Church
109 S. First Street
PO Box 93
Burbank, OK  74633-0093
Pastor:  Rev. Dennis Wildman
E-mail: revwildman@live.com
Website: burbankfirstbaptist.org
Burbank FBC

First Osage Baptist Church
236 S. Main
Fairfax, Oklahoma  74637
Pastor:  Kyle Rhodes
Email: kgrhodes3532@yahoo.com
First Osage Fairfax

Oak Grove Baptist Church
998 Grandview
PO Box 96
Kaw City, OK  74641-0096
Pastor: Rev. Gary Wilburn
Music: Chrissy Spruiell
Email: giwilburn@yahoo.com
Website: ogbc-kawcity.com
Oak Grove Baptist

Kildare Baptist Church
800 Church St.
Kildare, OK  74647
(Mailing address for church:
393 Newkirk Newkirk, OK 74647
Pastor: Rev. Brandon Pendleton
E-mail: bmpendleton@hotmail.com
Kildare Baptist

Lamont Baptist Church
PO Box 291
Lamont, OK 74643-0291
Pastor:  Rev. Guy Knigge
Email: hmknigge@gmail.com
Lamont Baptist

Marland First Baptist Church
501 North Main
PO Box 518
Marland, OK  74644-0518
Pastor: Mark Meador
Email: fbcmarland@gmail.com
Marland FBC

First Baptist Church
4748 N. Pleasant View Road
Newkirk, OK 74647-0481
Pastor:  Rev. Chris Dysinger
Youth:  Josh Crenshaw
Music:  Jerry Evans
E-mail: fbcnewkirk@sbcglobal.net
Newkirk FBC

2225 N. Union Street
Ponca City, OK  74601
Pastor:  Rev. Donnie Hazlewood
Associate: Butch Hiatt
Students: Jared Foster
Email: donnie_hazlewood@hotmail.com
Blackwell Hispanic

Crestview Baptist Church
38 South  Indian Hill Road
Ponca City, OK  74604-8907
Pastor:  Rev. Mike Riley
Email: mikeriley21@yahoo.com

First Baptist Church
(5th and Central) 218 S. 6th
Ponca City, OK  74601
Pastor: Rev. Michael Taylor
Associate: French McLemore
Music:  Aaron Robertson
Childhood Education: Gayle Young
Minister to Students: Brent McCoy
Minister to Senior Adults: Linda Hughes
Website: www.fbcponca.org
Email: jlane@fbcponca.org
Ponca City FBC

Northeast Baptist Church
2200 N. Pecan Rd
Ponca City, OK  74604-3027
Pastor: Dr. Larry E. Nigh
Associate: Scott Melton
Music: Rev. Guy Cooper
Minister to Youth: Doug Stephens
E-mail: nebc_poncacity@yahoo.com
Website: www.nebcponca.com
Northeast Baptist

Newpoint Church
Carolyn Renfro Event Center
445 Fairview Ave
Ponca City, OK  74601
Pastor: Kyle Megenity
Music: Vince McClung
Children: Becca Hodgson & Wendy Landes
E-mail: kyle@newpoint.church
Website: http://www.newpoint.church

New Faith Community Baptist
315 W Highland
PO Box 1442
Ponca City, OK  74602-1442
Pastor: Clifford Springwater
Email: cjspring@yahoo.com

Osage Heights Baptist Church
142 Tapp Road
Ponca City, OK  74604-6211
Pastor: Rev. Harold Hutchins
Email: ritaharold@aol.com
Osage Heights

Ponca Indian Baptist Church
6001 S. Pleasant View Road
PO Box 2546
Ponca City, OK  74602-2546
Pastor: (Open)
(Gordon Lack filling in as needed)
Email: gordonllack@gmail.com
Ponca Indian

Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana
Ponca City Hispanic Church
3109 North Union
Ponca City, OK  74601-1016
Pastor: Lorenzo Pinales
Hispanic Baptist

Providence Baptist Church
1301 E. Bradley
Ponca City, OK  74601-1708
Pastor: Kevin Grant
Website: ProvBaptist.org
Email: ckevingrant@gmail.com

Ranch Drive Baptist Church
P.O. Box 1385
2895 S. Ranch Drive
Ponca City, OK  74602-1385
Pastor:  Dr. Robert Ryan
Music:  Tom Larkins
Website: www.RD-BC.org
Email: bob.ryan3322@gmail.com
Ranch Drive

Second Baptist Church
1112 W. Grand Ave.
Ponca City, OK  74601-5029
Pastor: Rev. Ken Newport
E-mail: secbap@cableone.net
Website: SecondBaptistPC.org
Second Baptist

Sunset Baptist Church
915 Greenwood
Ponca City, OK  74601-3108
Pastor: Rev. Matt Click
Minister of Music:  (Open)
Minister to Students:  (Open)
Website: www.SunsetBaptist.org
Email: sunsetbapt@cableone.net

Red Rock First Baptist Church
405 Nobel
PO Box 81
Red Rock, OK  74651-0081
Pastor:  Richard Levings
Email: rlevings@ditchwitch.com
Red Rock FBC

Red Rock Otoe Baptist Church
Second and Otoe
PO Box 39
Red Rock, OK  74651-0039
Pastor: Rev. James Kenner
(Cell: 580-572-8114)
Email: jrkprk@cimtel.net
Red Rock Otoe

First Baptist Church
448 S. Gypsy
PO Box 53
Shidler, OK  74652-0053
Pastor: (Open)
Email: mom_sharp@yahoo.com
Shidler FBC

Faith Baptist Church
5276 E Tower Rd
(East of City at Fort Oakland)
PO Box 216
Tonkawa, OK  74653-0216
Pastor: Jim Lidburg (Interim)
Tonkawa Faith

First Baptist Church
212 N. Main
PO Box 426
Tonkawa, OK 74653-0426
Pastor: Terry Ballard
E-mail: fbc@tonkawaok.net
Website: FBCTonkawa.com
Tonkawa FBC

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